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Kim Kardashian: My Husband Beat, Abused Me {PopEater}

May 2nd 2010 3:16PM

First--who is Kim Kardashian?? She can't sing, dance or act and she's not that good-looking! According to the media--she's a talentless, thrill-seeking, trouble-making nobody and the spoiled daughter of some rich guy--who's trying to seek fame through any means possible--good OR evil--am I right? Stop writing about her, stop taking her picture and get her off TV!

The Curse of the Best Actress Oscar? {PopEater}

Mar 19th 2010 9:07AM

First of all, we're living in a world where 75% of all marriages end in divorce--so a 61% divorce rate of the actresses who won awards since 1993 is still better than average. Next, for the most part--Hollywood Actors are not known for being very stable--their usually insecure, immature, marry disgusting partners, believe their own press and are self-destructive...basically social retards. This isn't new remember sex goddess Ava Gardner and 4'11" Mickey Rooney?? Jolie and Billy Bob?? Julia and that country singer?? The list goes on and on!! Women and men actors spend more time researching buying a dog--than they do researching their "potential lifetime mate" least dogs are more sensible and loyal.

The Softer Side of Michelle Malkin: Who Knew? {Politics Daily}

Sep 25th 2009 7:25PM

I love Michelle Malkin, she gives the Devils of DC a right hook of truth to the jaw--and the media commies like Rivera, get their sissy ass's all puckered-up at the thought of her actually speaking the truth--and ther only comeback is to call her names. She's the shot of penicillin we need to get rid of the infection of lies and deceit in this country. "...ONE nation, under God, INDIVISIBLE...with liberty and justice for all." In most ancient civilizations, if a public official, subject or soldier went against his pledge to his nation--he would be charged with treason and given a slow, painful death. Michelle has bigger balls than any man in America! The only complaint I have of her--she didn't marry me!

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