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VIDEO: Great Curb Your Enthusiasm Moments {PopEater}

Sep 19th 2009 4:40PM

Thank God we have you to tell us what funny is.

Love the show Larry! Can't wait for season 7!!

Apple: Is Wall Street underestimating iMac? {BloggingStocks}

Feb 8th 2007 2:00PM

Yes, Microsoft's newest boondogle (no, not Zune), Vista, is helping end the old paradigm that Macs are "toys," "too expensive," or "I use a PC at work."
I find in my business (film&TV), 99% of us creative types use Macs and would find it impossible to do our work otherwise. But the interesting thing is that the "corporate" people are all switching too. The years of frustration are taking their toll.
The other thing I find is the "too expensive" argument. The same people that use this as a reason not to buy a Mac walk away and get into their BMWs...why didn't they buy a Chevy Malibu? Because of the quality. So that paradigm is shifting also, which means a bright future for a superior product from a superior company with superior support.
I'm buying more, and I've been in since Gil Amelio/$7 a share!


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