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'Jersey Shore' Angelina Thinks 'The Situation' Is Gay {PopEater}

Mar 15th 2011 7:12PM

Again, just wondering, not meaning to offend, but I'm asking because this is the forum for it and I'm curious to hear the responses. Here's MY question:
If lesbians like women, why do so many of them who still look feminine go after butch chicks that look like guys? And conversely, if a gay guy likes men, wouldn't you think he'd go after a "manly" guy instead of an effeminate one? Seems to me there's just some confusion involved. Maybe these folks just need some same-sex friends to "straighten" them out. Please don't piss on me, I'm just asking, I'm not making any judgments.

'Jersey Shore' Angelina Thinks 'The Situation' Is Gay {PopEater}

Mar 15th 2011 1:24PM

I'm not anti-gay, but I'm going to ask a question that might seem kinda shi**y. Please don't take offense, I'm just wondering. If gay guys don't want to be women, why do so many of them act feminine, in some cases, even moreso than some women? I mean with the voice and the hand gestures, etc. I've seen different levels of flamboyance, but does that also mean there are also different levels of gayness?

How to Spot a Fake Diamond {Shopping Articles Blog}

Dec 9th 2008 12:55PM

Whether a supposed diamond can cut glass or not is NOT a good test of its authenticity. GLASS can cut glass.
As a test, you can see if flicking droplets of water on the diamond bead or if they sheet. Beading indicates a diamond, if memory serves...

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