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Jon Gosselin Will Let Kids Film Again... Only If TLC Drops Lawsuit {PopEater}

Feb 18th 2010 11:12AM

Jon only showed why Kate had to treat him like a child all those year's. I would'nt trust him with anyone under the age of one. He's a freaking idiot and I happen to think Kate look's rather HOT. I THINK DUMB ASS JON WILL LOOK BACK AND SAY (WHAT THE HELL, WAS I THINKING) to late dumb ass.

As 'Chopper' Crashes, We Remember Our Dear Mikey {PopEater}

Feb 12th 2010 10:38AM

When JR. said IF I LEAVE THE SHOW IT WILL GO TO HELL, that's what happen. It wasn't Senior or Mikey, it was the builing of the bikes and without JR. SR. would of still been a poor man from OC.

Sarah Palin: Levi Welcome at Thanksgiving Table; Johnston Declines {ParentDish}

Nov 14th 2009 11:55AM

You go Denise, you got it right. As far as Levi, if anyone is stupid enough to spend there hard earned money on anything he comes out with, is a total IDIOT!!!!!

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