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Who's Out at 'Housewives'? Alex McCord Responds to New Report {PopEater}

Jun 27th 2011 4:09PM

I believe that this show first began to center around Alex and Simon. I hope they stay since they are such characters. Not much has been about them lately.

However, the nasty Countess, who cannot sing, needs to go and adds nothing to the show. YOU CAN"T SING, LuAnn! kelly B. is not only a weirdo, but is boring and needs to go, not Alex! By the way, LuAnn, go back to the cabinet you came out of and YOU get a life off the show.

Cindy was always shocked by the behavior of the women in the cast, so I can see why she wants to leave. She is TOO normal to be around Jill, Ramona, LuAnn, Sonja, and Kelly. I am Not angry, Kelly, I am sad??? You are really crazy with that statement to Alex. The show has definitely lost interest and gone down. As for Sonja, let's stop acting like every man loves you and you're so great. You AREN'T! Get off and find a life with your belly fat. Pay your bills and get a real life.

Jill, you are a snobbish gossip who can forget the botox. You think you're so great, but lost any popularity you had in the beginning of the show. The botox isn't helping your looks, my dear. It is what it is!! I won't be watching any more. Too boring! And I am a real New Yorker!

Hot Seat: Super Tuesday Bragging Rights {Politics Daily}

Feb 6th 2008 12:30PM

Char--- Are you kidding me? The country has already been destroyed by Bush and you think a democrat will detroy it? Ive lived thru the same wars as you. Where were your brains? Sorry to be so outspoken, but your comment was so stupid, I had to say something. You are entitled to your opinion, however.

Hot Seat: Super Tuesday Bragging Rights {Politics Daily}

Feb 6th 2008 12:19PM

Let's grow up here, shall we? Obama is too inexperienced to run this country and end the war in the correct manner. His votes, also, come from mostly the black community. Experience is needed here and Clinton has over 30 years of it. We need an experienced person to straigten out the mess this country is in. Obama's votes, also, came as a result of many Republicans who were not allowed to vote for a democrat in a primary. Many of them walked out and did not vote, who were Clinton voters. This election is a mess and not democratic at all in many states. Pray that Clinton gets in and not the little boy hiding behind Oprah. Oprah should stick to reading and dieting and take her nose out of politics, where she knows nothing about how the system really works when a candiddate gets in.

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