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The Fashion Statement: The Rise of Flatforms {Luxist}

Mar 11th 2011 6:02PM

Hey, Sonia - at 60-ish + years you SHOULD be wearing flats. I am a dedicated combination girl (I have quite the collection of boots, stilettos, platforms, and flats), but could NEVER live without 20+ pair of totally impractical cute, stylish, and sexy heels. If you wear heels in moderation (that fit!) AND take care of your feet there should be no lasting impact on your health due to wearing heels once in a while. After all, girls who wear nothing but flats = vanilla puddin', and no man has ever had to tell me that. I figured it out for myself. Live a little and wear the heels while you can, ladies! ;)

The Perfect Bangs for Your Face Shape {StyleList (Main)}

Jan 31st 2011 2:22AM

Martrit - Sandra Bullock's Golden Globe bangs were (hideous) clip-ins if I've ever seen them. I'm pretty sure she wouldn't have committed to that look permanently (one can only hope...)

'Terriers' Canceled by FX (Update: FX President John Landgraf Speaks) {AOL TV}

Dec 6th 2010 8:50PM

My problem with this show was that I never really knew when it was on. The few times I'd caught it were an accident, but I thoroughly loved it once I landed on it. I enjoyed the cast and found the show engaging and entertaining. F/X says marketing was not the problem? I'm part of the target demographic and hardly knew the show was there until I found it for myself. Pity.

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