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Can I Make My Family Accept My Baby's Name? {ParentDish}

Sep 9th 2010 4:09PM

My opinion on grandparent input on baby names is the same as my opinion on parents input on weddings.
They had theirs. They had the chance to do things exactly the way they wanted. Now it is YOUR turn, and they should respect that and keep their mouths shut.

Mother Raising Her Own Voice Over Restaurant's Ban on Screaming Kids {ParentDish}

Sep 9th 2010 3:53PM

I agree with the other posters; eating at a restaurant is a privilege, NOT a right. If you can't control your kids, you shouldn't go. Get some takeout, order in, cook your own food. It isn't as if you'll starve without the ability to eat at a restaurant.
Also, that restaurant is LOSING money if it lets parents of unruly children eat there. If I am at the hostess station and I see a roomful of screaming children with apathetic parents, I'm going somwhere else.
Kids have NO place in restaurants until they are old enough to understand when you explain that they need to stop crying or else. Before that age, no way. In my opinion, restaurants shouldn't even keep high chairs because nobody should ever have the audacity to request one. 8 years old seems like a reasonable age.
And for those parents who do take their kids out, if they act up, take them OUTSIDE. Not doing anything is bad enough but hearing you yell at them for misbehaving is as bad as hearing them misbehave.
And I know this was about an autistic child who will likely never grow out of public screaming. Too bad. That's the parent's problem, not the rest of society. Get used to eating takeout.

The worst type of airline passengers {WalletPop}

Mar 6th 2010 3:34PM

Wow! That's racist. I disagree wholeheartedly with your stereotyping, but you do raise and interesting point that I forgot about. I'm extremely sensitive to perfumes and colognes, and get a near-blinding migraine within 5 minutes of being exposed to excessive scent. No way to regulate this, I guess, but take note, cologne-wearers:
*Spray ONCE, into the air, and walk INTO it. Never spray yourself directly. Never spray more than once. You shouldn't be able to smell it on yourself!

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