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Carrie Sees Aidan in New 'Sex and the City 2' Trailer {PopEater}

Apr 10th 2010 8:27PM

If I could buy my tickets now and stand in line, I would. I can use a big dose of Carrie and the girls after seeing all of my husband's picks all winter. I sat through Hurt Locker, now it is my husband's turn to watch the FAB 4.

In Defense of ... Mel Gibson {Moviefone Blog}

Jan 29th 2010 4:58PM

If it quacks like a duck, and walks like a duck, you can bet it is a duck. Why would I spend my money to support a bigot. If I want Mel Gibson's ranting and raving, I can watch Hitler on the History Chanel. I will never again spend a penny to see a Mel Gibson movie.

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