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Homeowner Susie Salazar Loses Insurance Policy Over Pit Bull {AOL Real Estate}

Mar 23rd 2013 8:01PM

Insurance companies are not your friend. No matter who is at fault, they are good for one big claim. Afterwards, your rates will skyrocket and they will look for any reason they can to drop you. This situation is an excellent object lesson for everyone to read the small print on the long, dull policy contracts from your insurance companies, whether they cover your house, car, etc.

Village at Grand Traverse: Empty Michigan Asylum Now Glam Digs (PHOTOS) {AOL Real Estate}

Mar 18th 2013 7:37AM

Too bad it wasn't nearly so beautiful a place to live for the original residents. Oh, people will buy the units if the price is right. But, really, it would be a creepy place to live in my opinion no matter what. It will be a challenge for the real estate agents for sure.

Stranded Hurricane Sandy Survivor Leaves Farewell Message in Evacuated Home {AOL Real Estate}

Nov 10th 2012 9:17PM

I am glad Mike lived to see another day. To all the naysayers about Mike- give the guy a break. He is young, 28, and faced something most of us have not. He was unwise not to heed an evacuation order, yes... But boy did he pay for his mistake. The way strangers aided each other out here in life and death situations after Sandy proves that there is still hope for all of us. We can care about and help each other, and Mike's tale is one good example.

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