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Giant Bunny "King of Rabbits" Fossils Found on Island of Minorca {AOL Travel News}

Mar 23rd 2011 6:14PM

OK, we've found the Easter Bunny's origins, now let's start looking for the Great Pumpkin and the Tooth Fairy.

Diana Ross and Jack White's Detroit High School Set for Demolition {Spinner}

Feb 19th 2011 10:50AM

I am willing to bet that with less money than was used to build the new school, this one could be turned into a profitable apartment or condo complex that will outlast the new school. Why are we so quick to destroy buildings that were built to last while so quick to put up those which are simply built to replace with a set life span pre set?

Christina Aguilera Botches National Anthem at Super Bowl, Admits Mistake {PopEater}

Feb 7th 2011 1:12PM

As angry as I'd like to be about Christine Aguilera's inability to remember the lyrics to our national anthem, the idea of a group like the Black Eyed Peas even being considered for a half time show is ridiculous. Lynard Skynard would have been infinitely better along with Bruce Springsteen, or other American born performers. As for the national anthem...well, does anybody remember Jose Faliciano's rendition during the 1968 world series?

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