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Rihanna and Other Celebs Beat the Heat {StyleList (Main)}

Jul 21st 2011 8:41PM

Heidi, In no way am I putting down our women which I truly love. My point is that we have let the entertainment world dictate to our young men and women what they should wear and what they should look like regardless of how ridiculous it looks. I grew up when women took pride in what they looked like when they stepped out of the house. The young people of today just don't care. Anything goes... Can you really tell me that a girl walking down the street with her butt crack showing is appropiate or guys showing everyone their underwear? That's all I'm sayin'

Rihanna and Other Celebs Beat the Heat {StyleList (Main)}

Jul 21st 2011 7:34PM

I wonder how long it will be before black girls pick up on this look :-( Just like the low cut jeans showing their butt crack. When will they realize that "that look" is NOT sexy but disgusting. Time to lose it and dress more appropiate. Don't allow these so-called entertainment stars to dictate your attire. The same goes for those guys that wear the jeans showing their ridiculous underwear. Come on people, haven't you ever heard of having "Self Esteem". Lord help our people!!

Kim Kardashian X-Ray's Her Behind to Prove It's All Natural {PopEater}

Jun 24th 2011 1:53PM

Dear AOL,
Please stop reporting this worthless garbage....

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