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Jail Time for Phoenix Man Who Hosted Bible Study at His Home {AOL Real Estate}

Jul 8th 2012 6:55AM

Jesus says to follow/obey the legitimate authorities. Breaking the law and being dishonest about what he is doing/building reflects badly on real Christianity.

Family Wrongly Booted From Home Returns To Wreckage {AOL Real Estate}

Dec 3rd 2011 2:58PM

you must be a 1% er. They do not ever have feelings about another human's trouble-very much like sociopaths.

The Mortgage Fix That Can Save the Economy {AOL Real Estate}

Sep 1st 2011 5:46PM

this should have condition of the banks getting bailed out in the first place. USA mistakenly handed out bailouts to banks, automakers, brokerage firms without REASONABLE conditions tied to the $$$. The money was free and should not have been since these too-big -to-fail institutions CAUSED the collapse in the first place. Terrible example is how banks received $$hundreds of billions from taxpayers-but didnt loan that moeny out to keep economy going-just hoarded it for their greedy/private purpose-and paid their ceos $$hundreds of millions with our bailouts!!! CEO today still makes $$50 million dollars, but bank WONT lower principle amounts to small homeowners?? SHOOT the CEO's, then we'll talk

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