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Why Liberals Are Right to Refuse to Honor the Confederacy {Politics Daily}

Apr 12th 2010 9:56AM

Shall we tear down the Viet-Nam memorials, and ignore the sacrifice of American soldiers, who gave their lives in what they believed was an honorable cause, despite the misguided motives of our political leaders?

Our confederate brothers fought what they believed was an honorable war to defend the sovereignty of their homeland.

Throwing their memories on a pile pf trash, that the liberal intelligentsia wants to lump into some Red-neck back woods trash is like comparing these fine young men to some fanatic terrorists.

The Confederacy fought a noble battle, and to regulate their cause to one isolated issue of slavery is an abomination.

Marty K


Palin and Bachmann: Feminists in Naughty Monkey Peep Toe Heels {Politics Daily}

Apr 8th 2010 10:22AM

Just who is Patricia Murphy, and why does she get a column on AOL ?? and why should I give a damn, what she thinks?

Just another un - credentialed "door knob" foisted on us by AOL.

Did she watch the broadcast ? I did.

I DID NOT notice any teases hair etc.

If AOL insists on publishing this drivel, do it on the opinion page.

Marty CT

Obama Recess Appointments: 15 Names, Including Controversial Labor Lawyer {Politics Daily}

Mar 28th 2010 11:39AM

I think your medicine is wearing off

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