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13 Reasons Dolph Lundgren Is a Modern Renaissance Man {Moviefone Blog}

Aug 27th 2010 2:06PM

So odd that he is in this movie I brought him up to someone the other day who had no idea who he was, I said I had a crush on Dolph Lundgren as a little girl! The person I said this to had no idea who I was talking about! Now his name is popping back up...good to hear! BTW who the hell is Mike Ryan?

Too Good to Be Food: Yoplait Whips! Strawberry Mist {That's Fit}

Aug 5th 2010 1:20AM

Wow! Thank you for this! You remind me of the time I took a look at a box of hungry jack instant potatoes next to a natural instant pack of potatoes. like 25 ingredients in the hungry jack & in the other pack it had 3: potatoes, milk, butter!

Thanks I'm going to have to get use to the Greek yogurt!

Jillian Michaels Cleanse and Burn: Does It Work? {That's Fit}

Feb 24th 2010 1:30PM

The results are not the same & someone who has used effedra on & off for 10 years can tell you that. I never abused my body while I was on effedra (drinking alcohol) & I didn't go work out, I did normal activity (because my heart was already in exercise mode) I was not extremely over weight nor did I have heart problems. I lost 20 lbs at one point & years later lost 22lbs in 3 months. Effedra has killed about 155 over decades so the FDA banned it... Avandia the diabetes drug killed over 300 people in the first quarter of 2009 & has yet to be banned. The FDA is in someone pockets that is for sure. Bottom line is I was very happy whith the results & the only effects I saw were after a while I'd have no patients (for idiotic behavior) being real chill in my personal life I beleived the pills to be the cause of my impatients.

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