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First Lady Fashion Repeats: Michelle Obama's Versatile Wardrobe {BV on Style}

Jul 25th 2011 9:02PM

You all crack me up, your comments are hilarious
Do you really think she gives a hoot what you think about what she wears?
Mrs. Obama is a strong minded, education woman who, some of you forget had a life prior to moving to Pennsylvania Ave. Also, QUIET as it is kept; she is a professional woman who has been dressing herself, for many years prior to Pennsylvania Ave.
Whatever money she uses to buy her clothes is first, none of your business and even more hilarious, your silly comments are not on her radar of concerns.
It amazes me that of all the things going on in this country, the focus that is directed by the media to question what money she uses to buy clothing……..and some of you mindless people feed into the hype

A Look At Monica's Star-Studded Bridal Party {BV on Style}

Jul 25th 2011 8:49PM

learn to spell

A Look At Monica's Star-Studded Bridal Party {BV on Style}

Jul 25th 2011 8:45PM

You all crack me up
I could care less what you post
But can you just PLEASE learn to spell
Suggestion – type it in a word document first, then correct ALL OF YOUR MISPELLED words and cut and paste it into the comment section
Your meaning to your comment is lost, because you cannot spell
I know I have been out of grammar school for some time, but it appears learning to spell MUST not be a requirement for a person to pass from grammar school to middle school. The MAJORITY of the words you are ATTEMPTING to spell, you should have learned in grammar school or at least by the time you were about to head to high school.
HOW did some of you graduate? Or are you the ones that did not graduate?
If you’re going to be disrespectful, rude or a hater………….learn to spell please

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