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Tia Mowry Celebrates at Baby Shower {PopEater}

Jun 13th 2011 7:51AM

Why do the keep saying Sister, Sister actress?! She is on the game now that gets over 5 million viewers weekly when its on. Obviously black shows on BET don't get the press they deserve.

College Football 2010 All-America Teams {Fanhouse NCAA Football Blog}

Dec 14th 2010 8:20PM

now i can tell you know nothing about football. smh

UFC 114 Live Blog: Rampage Jackson vs. Rashad Evans Updates {MMA Fighting}

May 30th 2010 12:38AM

Thats a terrible way to determine who is gonna win the fight. Just because you might not be a good teacher or coach don't mean your gonna be a terrible fighter. Take a look at other sports. Isaiah Thomas was a heck of a playet but a terrible coach. Matt Millen was a great tight end in the NFL but the man took the Lions franchise and made them the laughing stock of the league. I think Rampage has a great chance of winning this. He has the experience edge over Suga. He has the size advantage over Suga. He has the power edge over Suga. I give Suga maybe the speed advantage but great skill can overtake speed anyways. Gonna be a great fight.

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