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Justin Timberlake Lends Lady Gaga Clothes in New 'SNL' Promo {PopEater}

May 21st 2011 3:14PM

i agree and he mouths to the camera "We can't show those on television"...LOL, talking about her shoes...LOL

Friends: CBS Can Beg, Charlie Is 'Never' Coming Back {PopEater}

Feb 25th 2011 10:23AM

sheen is not the so-called pretty boy he was when the show began, i stopped watching a few years ago and it has run its course.i would like to see a show with Alan and Berta running a catering business or something, maybe with Evelyn doing PR or could be hilarious

CBS did the right thing

50 Greatest Guitar Riffs in Rock 'n' Roll -- Part 2 {Spinner}

Jan 23rd 2011 10:56AM

maybe the title of this piece should be " The 50 Greatest Guitar Riffs in Rock-n-Roll That I've Heard'

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