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The Top 10 TV Jerks of 2010: The Archie Bunker Awards {AOL TV}

Dec 26th 2010 5:30PM

What about that husband "Cody" on Sister Wives? Talk about a self-absorbed jerk! He says "Love is to be multiplied" but I think all he wants is a harem - is sad to see the way the woemn on that show are hurt by him and they just accept it, while he tools around in his white sports car. What DOES he do for a an actual job?????

Cher on Chaz: 'She's a Very Smart Girl -- Boy!' {PopEater}

Nov 2nd 2010 4:36PM

God that is mean!

Toygers {AOL Video Blog}

Mar 11th 2007 2:50PM

Don't buy while thousands die!

Get your cat from a shelter, not a breeder! We have lots of cats at the shelter where I voulunteer that are just as regal and majestic as any tiger!

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