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HOA 'Steals' Homeowner's Virgin Mary Statue {AOL Real Estate}

Dec 13th 2011 6:54PM

Unfreakin'believable! Why didn't the HOA slap a warning up on their door the first day they saw it explaining that they meant business and how much per day this family would be fined per day until the statue came down? Sounds like the family thought it was OK and then after a long time passed their statue was stolen from them and the bill with the grand total (THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS!) was mailed to them. How twisted and greedy can you get?

Our Favorite Armani Red Carpet Moments [Gallery] {StyleList (Main)}

Jul 12th 2011 11:19AM

When I look at the picture of her in that red dress I am way too focused on the hard perfectly round artificial breasts bulging out and legs that are spindly and lacking muscle. Her face is lovely. And with her tiny waist and long legs she looks great dressed in classy clothing with less skin revealed. On the surface she looks beautiful. But when she shows too much skin and leg it reveals fake boobs and an unhealthy physic. So many hollywood types starve themselves and lose their muscle tone and healthy glow. I think youth and great bone structure keeps her lovely in spite of unhealthy eating. I just wish women could relax and be more natural. And exept for the men out there who like the soft-porn look in fashion, most people look at that red dress and see it as WAY TOO MUCH!

Britney Campbell, 8-Year-Old Botox User, Taken Out of Mother's Home (Video) {StyleList (Main)}

May 16th 2011 8:09PM

Thank the Lord that child is away from her mother. I don't care if it turns out that she is a licensed RN and got the botox through legal chanels and was trained in how to inject will always be wrong, CRIMINAL even to inject a child with botox! My bet is that this woman has no medical credentials and obtained the botox under suspicious means which will make this case a "slam-dunk" of child abuse to the upteenth degree! In the interview it was clear to see that this mother felt completely justified in doing this to her child so I don't see how any amount of "parenting" classes would help this idiot. As soon as she detects what she thinks is some defect in her child she will turn the little girl into a human guinea pig once again I am sure of it. Someone else needs to raise the child with the mother possibly having short visitations (maybe). Sick.

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