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Alleged Squatter Andre Barbosa Leaves Foreclosed Mansion in Boca Raton {AOL Real Estate}

Feb 10th 2013 1:12PM

where do they get people like you. you have to understand the difference between abandonment and vacation, something most people learned by there 3rd year of schooling. ABANDONEMENT is when someone just leaves something and none has any interest or investment in it, which in this case the banks do. when you go on vacation you didn't abandon your home you still are paying the bill and keeping up maintenance on it and your going to return. now I don't know if I or anyone else will be able to get you to under stand the difference. I can see now , with people like you how president zero got reelected.

Bristol Palin: Michele Bachmann 'Dresses a Lot Like My Mom' {PopEater}

Jun 29th 2011 7:08AM

maybe if you'd looked as good as her you would have.

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