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City Where It's Now Illegal to Smoke in Your Own Home {AOL Real Estate}

Nov 23rd 2013 11:24AM

So defy the law, and be prepared to defend yourself and your property by whatever means necessary. Another solution would be to get out of California and come to America.

Sinkhole Tourism: 'It's Just Human Nature To Want To See The Hole' {Gadling}

Aug 8th 2013 10:26AM

Bugs Bunny famously sang, "There ain't no place like a hole in the ground." He may have been onto something.

China's Empty Cities: These Satellite Images Will Shock You {AOL Real Estate}

Mar 6th 2013 3:35PM

This story illustrates the dangers of a command economy. The government in China decided what things should be like and tried to make their dreams come true with hugely overreaching construction projects. IT DOESN'T WORK. In a market economy, demand drives production. When more construction is needed, it happens in order to meet the demand. Is anyone in Washington paying any attention to this?

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