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Kate Gosselin Misses Terri Irwin More Than Palin {PopEater}

Jul 4th 2011 10:57PM

oh please! the only reason she pretends to miss Terri, who she barely knows, is because Terri is in Australia and she is angling soooo badly to go back there and to Steve's home country too!

Halle Berry Accuses Ex Gabriel Aubry of Neglecting Their Daughter {PopEater}

Jun 29th 2011 11:58PM

um, she has just been waiting to pounce and start things again. she is not happy unless she alone has custody and total control. it's not hard for the average person to see this. let's hope the court can. she deserves no custody actually.

Behind the Lee DeWyze 'Idol' Finale Snub {PopEater}

May 29th 2011 9:41AM

funny you say people only remember Crystal. I was reminded the other day of her when I saw someone who looked like her. But when I tried to mention her, I could not even remember her name. So I said that freaky looking short girl with the ugly dread locks. She is not going to have a good career. You never hear her anywhere and her voice is 50's and gross.

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