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Foreclosure Victim Must Leave Hotel After 9-Year Stay, $29,000 Bill {AOL Real Estate}

Oct 15th 2013 9:10PM

It sounds like the hotel was very remiss in charging this woman for her stay as they'd normally do with occupants. Now they're saying boo-hoo and wanting their money they probably won't get. I've never stayed at a hotel that didn't demand I pay up front.

Heated Breakup Led to Arson at Apartment Building, Police Say {AOL Real Estate}

Oct 2nd 2013 5:16PM

She's lethal and deserves her stiff sentence.

Escapee Adam Justin Lysiak Arrested for Hoarding 1,000 Pounds of Stolen Mail in Home {AOL Real Estate}

Feb 17th 2013 9:48PM

I swear WA state has no shortage of these misfit weirdos.

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