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Pet Emu Goes to Petting Zoo While Owner Fights City to Keep It {AOL Real Estate}

Jul 10th 2013 10:33PM

People are probably intimated by that Emu, more than anything else. Bringing rats into the neighborhood, I highly doubt that.
Flies are opportunists.....could be someone/s baiting those flies now, to increase their claims.

Homeowner Robert Phipps Says Neighbor's Solar Panels Are Blinding {AOL Real Estate}

Apr 28th 2013 8:14PM

Where do you get 30' trees, at a reasonable cost?

Tiny House for Sale in Arkansas Has Everything but Room {AOL Real Estate}

Mar 30th 2013 12:09PM

Those things get any smaller, you"ll be able to live your life out in one and when the grim reaper shows up, you can use it to be buried in.

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