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FHA Bailout May Be Needed, Report Says {AOL Real Estate}

Nov 14th 2012 10:23PM

Is anyone surprised that an agency of the government has gone bankrupt between 2008 aned 2012. The whole country has gone that route. Another election?

Principal Reduction: Is Debt Forgiveness Fair? {AOL Real Estate}

Aug 5th 2012 9:41PM

It seems unlikely that a person who bought a home in 1999 would be under-water in 2012. Perhaps the problem is refinancing and taking out more money each time. Principal forgiveness is unfair to people who were responsible.

Seattle Woman Collected Welfare in $1.2 Million House {AOL Real Estate}

Dec 6th 2011 9:17PM

Another example of our government. It cannot work hard enough to give away our money, honestly or not; but it refuses to check on fraud. This downhill ride is going faster and faster.

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