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All Tangled Up: Oprah's Hairstylist Andre Walker Clears Up 'Kinky Hair' Comments {BV Hair Talk}

Jul 16th 2011 5:57PM

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, and as long as everyone remembers that and understands that, and can agree to disagree without engaging in character assasination or going overboard with condemning opposing views, then what Walker said is okay and what people disagreeing with him said is okay. I tune out when I start reading/hearing attacks. We get this enough from people outside our culture- why do we insist on doing this to each other? And we do it every time. Getting sick of it. It's to the point where nobody can say anything anymore without people jumping on their case about what they said. Don't let me get famous- people are going to get sick of me saying I'm entitled to my opinion, yes I said it, kiss my asss. I will put it on a tee shirt (kiss my asss) and wear it around and just point to it when they take my pic. hagn

Snapped: Dwayne Wade and Gabrielle Union Hit 'Transformers' Premiere {BV on Style}

Jun 29th 2011 1:59PM

She looks fantastic- but I don't like the shoes. I think she wore crazy shoes to help Wade out with his crazy shoes. She's his girlfriend because she wouldn't have done that if he was just something she was doing until she found a boyfriend. Good for them. I hope they are happy.

10 Reasons Your Hair Isn't Growing {BV Hair Talk}

May 28th 2011 11:49AM

My two cents on this topic is that for the average aa woman who thinks her hair isn't growing is really dealing with a breakage problem. A black woman's hair grows, but it may be breaking off as fast as it grows. One sure fire way for me(a black female) to grow my hair out has been to get my hair braided. I currently have my hair braided and it's growing about two to four inches every time I take the braids down. I had my very short hair braided a few years ago and kept them in for a year and a half, and when I finally took it down and went to a salon and had it done it had grown to just short of bra strap length. Unfortunately due to illness (grave's disease) it fell out again, but now I know how to grow it out and about how long it will take to reach the length that I like to wear. Don't try to follow tips from here and there- find someone who has long hair that is from your ethnic background, and find out what they did. Make sure that they grew out their hair- this is important. Some black women have always had long hair. If their hair has always been long and has never broken off or fallen out, then their advice may not work for you. FYI- I get my hair braided in medium to large sized individuals. I use baby oil to moisturize, olive oil when I can afford it, and I leave in conditioner when going swimming in a pool or ocean. I wash it only once a week or once every ten days. I am very careful when I take down the braids for re-braiding. It is really easy to cut your own hair if you aren't careful. If you really really want to see what it is like to have long hair, this has been a pretty good way to go for me. And braids save time on getting ready to go to work in the morning- a lot less bad hair days! good luck

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