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Kate Hudson Welcomes a Baby Boy! {PopEater}

Jul 10th 2011 6:32PM

The Center for Disease Control regulates the sexual activity of these "celebs". They have to date each other since they all have Herpes and Hep C. (Pam Anderson/Rick Soloman/Paris Hilton is one confined Hep C group) If you go to a drug store behind a celebutante in LA they are picking up a script for Valtrex (like Rhianna who gave is to Chris Brown without telling him she was a carrier) Kate Hudson was with Jeter who is with Diaz now and has been with EVERY hooker in NYC ... there is no way Hudson isnt on Valtrex and Im suprised she doesnt have HIV. When I see Hudon or any of them do an advertisement for makeup I think they use allot of it to cover all of the sores. That said what do you expect from Goldie Shack Up Hawn ... Shack up and you get a Hoe Bag for a kid.

It's a Girl for Victoria and David Beckham! {PopEater}

Jul 10th 2011 6:15PM

I like that these 2 are married, arent sleeping around, and David seems to be very involved in his sons lives ... That said, she is a borish snob and her "design ability" is ... its a good thing David made allot of money.
That said she has made David her Ken Doll and I think he likes playing dress up ... he had better because his Foot Days seem to be over ... so modeling is about all he can do.

Lindsay Lohan No Longer in Talks For Gotti Movie {PopEater}

Apr 20th 2011 6:30PM

I wish I could get as many chances as this POS ... that said I have to get back and clean the vomit off the floor from my aged parent that Rep Ryan and the Republicans in their overpriced Clothes wolnt allow to have an in house aid that was part of their benefits until those a-h0-es decided they wanted to be kings. Now the tie in to LohanBag ... if this POS and other POS's like her were off unemployment and costing the Courts millions thsi nation might not be broke ... Ive given Lohan lots of chances .. no more. And as for a movioe about Gotti's and that crime BS .. no dice

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