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What Happens if You Decline a Full Body Scan? {AOL Travel News}

Nov 19th 2010 4:55PM

People in this forum are stating that they are being "touched" and "violated". When you are going thru a pat down the procedure is fully explained as to what it will entail. People are asked if they would like a private screening, people are told that the TSA Officer will be usiing the back of their for their pat down ONLY IF the wand detects any alarming metal. I have met just about every TSA Officer during my shift at the airport I work
I did not say you fit MY description, but the majority of the people, complaing or not, are voicing their OPINIONS. I am defending TSA Officers because thats MY OPINION and my RIGHT. People are stating their "VISION" of TSA OFFICERS that are DOING THEIR JOBS.
Your right. like I stated before it SHOULD BE IN THE MEDIA OF WHAT TSA HAS CAUGHT. But if they were to tell of everything they find who wins? Terrorists. People will get relaxed on checking...oh it's just a person titanium knee going off, or its their pins in their hip etc. This is what the a-holes want, for them NOT to seach as well, therefore one day someone walks thu with explosives taped to a part of their body and assuming TSA will not check it out.
There ARE more security measures being taken almost every where, but it's not as noticable as in the airports. No one said it was a secret about searching Muslim women. All you have to do is open your eyes to what is going around you. TSA has been around for almost ten years searching flyers with NO ONE BALKING ABOUT IT. Why now? Because some jerk wanted to get his name out there and be noticed.
Did you know as soon as you put you belongings on the convery belt and you walk thru, that you give consent to be searched???
Just for example, if a person comes into a bank/store and stars to rob it? How are the police called? secret alarm right? who pushes it? where exactly is the panic button? no one knows right? So why should TSA feel they have to reveal their policies to the public?
It's just another layer of security because the old layers are not working as well. People don't do "change" well.

What Happens if You Decline a Full Body Scan? {AOL Travel News}

Nov 19th 2010 1:58PM

I have worked at a airport for many number of years. I have seen first hand on how TSA Officers work. Some yes CAN be nasty and very RUDE, but then there are others who go beyond being nice.Don't fault the nice ones for the stupid ignorant ones.
I have seen, liquids gels, powders, toothpsate alert test strips.When items alarm, the bomb squad is notified,police and supersisors come running and people are being to to leave the area, a person (workers) starts to worry IF they will see their family that night!!! You would not believe how many "false alarms" there are because some dummy just did it for a kick, just to see what happens. Stupid, yes. I cant' count how many times this has happened. Why DON"T you hear about it........TSA doesnt want to "alarm" the public" I say thats very stupid. I think the public should know everything thats going on in airports. Another reason is because they don't want to let "would be terrorists" know whats going on either. They (terrorist) also conduct test runs too. They do leave bags on the belts and walk away to see HOW TSA handles the situation. TSA wants to keep everyone on their toes and not be complaisant. If everyone knows TSA's procedure, there would be alot more problems to worry about. You asked where it is written about the Muslim women so you can read it. It's not for public knowledge, but when they do come thru, they are put thru more security procedures that the average public..
I say "get over yourself" because people say just because they are blond nicely built, blue eyed or men say they are muscular and tan good looking that that is why they are being pulled out and searched. They are being pulled out along with the rest of the general public. Remember they are in the airport for a few hours, if that. Try being there everyday. I have seen older, younger, georgeous, plain, blonde, dark hair people being checked ALL the time at random. As for concession workers, yes WE are subjected to SAME procedures as the flying public. Do we LIKE it? NO. Do we have to go thru it every day? YES. You may know someone (TSA OFFICERS)on a first name basis and be friends with them, but yet rules apply for EVERYONE. Please remember TSA Officers have to follow rules too. Do they like it? NO. The last thing they want to do is pat down some one who smells like they just climed out of a sewer or hasn't changed "clothes" in a long time either. This is the world we live in now. Do I like it..HELL NO!!! How did you feel when they cought the cargo bomb a few weeks ago? Did you say something like here we go gain? These would be terrorists a-holes are trying new ways to get to us every day. It dosen't stop. I'm not saying to conform but don't be complaisant about your surroundings either.

What Happens if You Decline a Full Body Scan? {AOL Travel News}

Nov 18th 2010 9:39PM

and you'll be one of the first in line to complain when something else happens. like it or not this is the world we live in now. and by the way Muslim women (in full garb) DO get a full body pat down, plus a wanding too with a hand held wand... only its called the "step forward method".

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