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Jennifer Aniston Next-to-Nude in Perfume Ad {PopEater}

Apr 19th 2010 11:48AM

You must be blind!!!!!!!!!!!!! She is sensational!!!! Fresh, sleek, feminine, tight figure! All I can think is that you must be JEALOUS!!!!!

Imus Snaps at Sharpton {News Bloggers}

Apr 12th 2007 5:30PM

The current situation in this country is that black leader, i.e. Rev'd's Jackson and Sharpton, just to name a few, have promoted racism as a weapon. It is the first card that is played in any dispute. They advocate elimination of racism, but in reality they promote it because it serves their purpose. At the same time the politically correct crowd cringes in fear at the first mention of proported racism has only served to aid the so called civil rights groups and their radical leaders. There is no fair, open and honest discussion of the race issues, because all that happens are the hurling of threats, slurs, defamation, and character assisination by the so called civil rights organizations and the media. This tactic has only served to increase ill will and re-ignite racism. What's more disturbing is that the tactics being used by the civil rights radicals,activists and their supporters is only forcing the newly created hostility underground. I had hoped that the supposedly "Christian Ministers" Sharpton and Jackson and the rest were truly interested in working to solve these problems. But that would mean that everyone practice some forgiveness, compromise and tolerance as true christians would in the eyes of God. Unfortunately, these supposed civil rights groups are only out to get whatever they can for themselves. I believe Dr. Cosby got it right. We should all learn to be respectful of other peoples feelings, especially amoung our own races. We need to respect ourselves first, before we can respect others. It seems to me that everyone is interested in number one. It used to be that majority ruled, now minorities, no matter what race, ethnicity, etc.,use any tactic to get their way. They immediately push the "nuclear button" by claiming everything is race related. What a sad commentary on the american people.

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