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Kanye West Still Using Twitter as Therapy {PopEater}

Nov 11th 2010 8:12PM

He is incredibly full of himself, appears to be quite a bit less intelligent that he makes himself out to be, and has a heightened sense of self-worth!

Dina Lohan Felt 'Ambushed' By Matt Lauer: Friend {PopEater}

Aug 13th 2010 3:40PM

you are so very correct on this...ENABLER!!!

Vieira vs. Rev. Sharpton {AOL Video Blog}

Apr 13th 2007 10:54PM

The comments made by Mr. Imus were disgusting. In an effort to be hip and cool, I believe his comments were uttered. Even after apologies, totally unacceptable! However, if the Reverend Al Sharpton and the Reverend Jesse Jackson spent as much of their time and energy ministering to the rap moguls and the young rappers spewing this same sort of filth, perhaps this type of vulgarity wouldn't be considered hip and cool.

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