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Tammy Wynette's Daughter on Pain, Redemption and a Faked Kidnapping {PopEater}

Jul 10th 2011 10:24AM

That was so touching and sweet -- I'm glad that they chose to share... we need more moments like this!

Courtney Love | Style Evolution {StyleList (Main)}

Jul 9th 2011 9:07PM

Courtney needs love and she doesn't know her value as a woman and she's going about asking for all in all the wrong ways.... Courtney, get some counseling !

Linda Hogan to Hulk: 'Be a Big Boy' and Apologize {PopEater}

Jul 2nd 2011 9:38AM

She's not over Terry by a long shot! What she is doing right now, and has been doing is the "I'll show you!" number - I'm sorry to say that but the finger marks are all around. The other thing that is really evident is that she has this younger man in her life, all the more pointing to the fact that she's angry and in the "I'll show you" mode. Sad thing is that this young guy, Charley, doesn't have a clue. This whole thing is about LINDA -- I feel sorry for her, she's just propped up and look'en good, but one day, all the props will stop working and she will also have to deal with herself. She needs to cut off her romance to this young man, Charley, and GET HERSELF RIGHT with God -- It's easy to scream when you've been cheated on, but there is usually a reason for that too. Gotta think about it. It's all ugly. What she says about ruining lives - I agree - maybe she should have gotten out of the marriage long ago.

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