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Did Britney Spears Copy Her New Single? {PopEater}

Jan 14th 2011 7:05AM

It is absurd to claim ownership of a line in a song. I am sure many have used it but were not famous enough to make it a hit. There are repeated lines in many, many songs. This is a waste of time. Move forward Ms. Spears and leave them in the history books where they belong.

CBS' Jim Nantz Gets Emotional During Divorce Trial {Fanhouse Backporch}

Oct 19th 2009 10:03PM

He's an idiot to leave his wife. Who cares about his tears? He'll forget them himself by tomorrow.
All that this says about him is that he doesn't really understand commitment, and he's not trustworthy. She'll probably have good things happen to her as a result of living through his shallowness. mb

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