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'Lily-White' Tebow a Nazi? Shades of Imus in Boston Radio Jock's Slander {Fanhouse NFL Blog}

Apr 26th 2010 7:28AM

Both Imus and Toettcher's remarks were very unprofessional. That is the line they crossed. The both want their remarks heard and to get the most attention on the radio and have proved they will go to any length for that to happen.

The fact that Tebow has lived an obviously wonderfully Christian life and is recognized for his outstanding reputation and has held high ideals for himself as well as his team makes him a target for smart mouthed radio jocks. I think both broadcasters are show offs and smart mouths and have no place on responsible and respectable radio.

A Home That Is Truly A Castle {Shelterpop}

Apr 9th 2010 9:22AM

Hanging antlers on the wall is a part of American heritage. It goes back to when the pilgrims landed in this country and also before they came here it was something that was also done in Britain. I have seen the whold heads of steer, deer, etc. as well as other animals that are hunted as a sport and used for food in Britain and the USA as well.

That is the problem with the USA they have forgotten their heritage. Beginning with the right to keep and bear arms, that this country was founded by people who truly believed in God and founded this country in the name of Christianity. It would help every American to look at the American Constitution and the Declaration of Independence and read for themselves why the pilgrims left Great Britain in the first place and what this country presented for the "rules of living" if you will, and compare them to what it has become today. There is no comparison to what this country was founded on and what it has become. I challenge you to look up these two documents and see for

Jane Fonda 'Not Proud' of Plastic Surgery {PopEater}

Apr 7th 2010 2:54PM

Andrea.... There is nothing wrong with Julia Roberts' chin! You only wish you could be as loved and beautiful as she is.

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