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Aretha Franklin's Son Assaulted In Detroit {Spinner}

Sep 21st 2010 2:03PM

I am white.....not that it matters much. What does matter is how many low-rent people take the time out of their boring lives to wish bad things on this lady and her son. The mean-spirited continue to crawl out from beneath the slimey rocks they should have stayed under. My hope is that Franklin recovers quickly, and that the perps are caught and given a speedy trial.

The McChrystal Scandal: How Would You Handle It? {AOL Small Business}

Jun 28th 2010 9:40PM

Mr. Greenleaf's comments struck me as the most mis-guided. Let "The General" go to work for Mr. Greenleaf and start talking to the press about how mis-guided he is and see where the axe falls. Insubordination isn't the way the military works.....never has been. I would ask any of the McChrystal supporters what the career path of one of his junior officers might have been if they had done to him what he did to his Commander in Chief. Obama did a Harry Truman on the good general and that is exactly the way it should have been done..........with David Petraeus in the wings or without him.

Made for TV: Casting the John Edwards Affair {PopEater}

Feb 14th 2010 8:38PM

Maybe Tiger Woods in white face??? Just a thought.

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