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The Truth About...Sodium Lauryl Sulfate {MyDaily}

Jan 10th 2011 8:56AM

Sulfate SLES was invented because the all natural surfactants left hair dry. This group of Ammonium and/or Sulfates (many types), have NOT been proven to be carcinogens-- they are irritants-- and are allergens for some people. Some will make one's scalp itch more than others. My business spent five years developing a sulfate free shampoo formula that can foam and perform. This has been a long, and harrowing challenge. All natural, you think? Then, arguably, no performance. You need some preservative other than citric acid, for example or you have no shelf life. You need some EDTA (chelator) to remove metals from pipes in the shower, and so on. So, safety and performance. Our newest product is: It's Not FateTM By BelletresseTM. All made in the USA, all components. That's another consideration-- where is the product manufactured and bottled? What really are the ingredients? Different products for different hair and scalp/skin types, climates is also a factor. I appreciate this article, as the chemistry vs. marketing really is complex and distorted. Also, sulfates can be modified... and if too strong can strip color, which most women 25+ have at least highlights on their hair. BelletresseTM is our brand.

Australian Man Marries His Yellow Lab {Pawnation OLD}

Dec 4th 2010 10:46PM

A woman in Africa married her dog, so too bad the two humans and their dog spouses can't form a society. Seriously, an animal doesn't have the capacity to contract, so they can't consent to marriage!

Moms and Drinking: Secret After-Hour Addictions of Working Mothers {ParentDish}

Oct 31st 2010 8:20PM

A certain percentage of women have always been alcoholics, whether they work inside the home, or outside the home.

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