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Diva Wide Receiver Randy Moss Retires and Deserves a Spot in the NFL Hall of Fame {BV on Sports}

Aug 4th 2011 10:01PM

GOOD RIDDANCE!!!! Moss is the face of the modern black athlete: arrogant, self-absorbed, bad sport, malcontent and so on...Moss and others like him don't appreciate the path that was blazed before them by the likes of Fritz Pollard, Tank Younger, Bobby Marshall, and Paul Robeson to name a few...Sadly modern black athletes like Moss, OchoSTINKO, and T.O disgrace the memory of those early black players who had to go through so much crap....

'DWTS' Champion Hines Ward Busted for DUI {PopEater}

Jul 10th 2011 6:46AM

"this is not news. this is typical thug behavior. if they aren't shooting/stabbing themselves or another thug, they are driving drunk or high on crack or selling crack at 3am."

Or "they" are killing their 2 year old kid and then partying afterward or "they" are kidnaping, raping, impregnating and keeping as a sex slave 11 year girls on the way to school or "they" are blowing up heir trailer/park when the latest meth batch ex[lodes....

Patti LaBelle Sued Over Airport Attack {BV Newswire}

Jun 13th 2011 1:18AM

Dude got drunk...thought since he was a West Point puke and WHITE that he could say and do anything he wanted. The PROFESSIONAL BODYGUARDS were doing their job in protecting their client- Ms laBelle. If this was reversed and a drunk black dude came upon a white entertainer and her white goons the same silly white people up here boohooing about this would find "justification" for the beatdown -like "they" always do when it fits them- but now when they are getting a taste of their own medicine they of course whine like stuffed pigs...much love Patti and stay strong against these jealous racist pale peckerheads...

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