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Heavy Metal Singer Ronnie James Dio Dead at 67 {PopEater}

May 16th 2010 8:51PM

r.i.p. ronnie
I first heard him at a sound check during the "black and blue" concert in seattle in 1980 , featuring black sabbath and blue oyster cult and several other bands. he belted out at the sound check, without any instrumental help from the band,"SING ME A SONG, YOU'RE A SINGER" and that was all... The crowd outside in line went bezerk with applause!!

Dallas Braden to A-Rod: This Is My House {Fanhouse MLB Blog}

Apr 23rd 2010 8:58AM

I don't know if it is an old "unwritten" rule, or just a superstition, or just plain old bad luck, but you are not supposed to step on the freshly laid chalk lines before the first pitch is thrown. Has anyone besides me ever heard of this, and I wonder how many major leaguers have heard either?

The 25 Most Exquisitely Sad Songs in the Whole World: No. 1 {Spinner}

May 5th 2007 8:57PM

wanna sad song? go look for " A picture from life's other side", recorded by "Luke the Drifter"... also known by the name Hank Williams SR. If this song doesn't bring you to absolute tears, check your pulse!

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