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Howie Mandel's Got Talent (and OCD): 'I'm a Professional Neurotic' {PopEater}

Jul 3rd 2011 12:14PM

Can you relate to Howard Hughes?
Sadly I do, he functioned and did well in life and it scares me as depicted in the DiCaprio movie, he's in a room at the end naked and peeing in bottles. I've said this many times before I'm really not that far from him. I live on the edge and I can see without the therapy and medicine how that's not so far fetched. That's almost terrifying. I can hug, I can't shake hands. I can't get past the hands. I know it makes no sense.

Howie Mandel's Got Talent (and OCD): 'I'm a Professional Neurotic' {PopEater}

Jul 3rd 2011 12:05PM

I had a friend that worked in an envelope factory, she said never lick an envelope, there are bugs and rats in the factories that crawl all over them. Incidentally, the same goes for canned goods and canned drinks.
I have always wiped phones, keyboards, light switches and door handles with alcohol at work and home when other people use them too.
I also use antiseptic wipes on carts at stores.
If I use a public restroom I use the towel that I dried my hands with to open the door going out.

It's a Boy for Josh and Anna Duggar {PopEater}

Jun 17th 2011 1:47AM

a. who cares b. don't watch c. Kate Gosselin flaunts herself, was beyond rude to her husband, and appears to have serious mental issues and is not in the same category d. Kate did claim to be a Christian when the show began e. isn't that what reality tv is about to a degree? The kids aren't scripted, they are just living their lives. Think about Opie Taylor, Leave it to Beaver, Brady Bunch, etc. Those kids were actually working long hours.

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