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Jesse James Can't Stop Talking About 'Pretend' Life With Sandra Bullock {PopEater}

May 15th 2011 6:55PM

I, for one, think a marriage between him and Kat is ideal. They both might very well be very lax in their demands upon each other with regard to fidelity. If he cheats, she cheats, they are both cheating and they will probably be okay with that. She is perfect for him. She is not elegant. She is not beautiful (IMO; I realize some here might think otherwise). She is not any more intelligent or articulate than he is. Made in heaven. I wish them well. Now he needs to shut the hell up about Sandra Bullock. From what the public got to see (which, of course, is not the whole truth), she did him a solid when she took care of his children and loved them. Will Kat do the same? Only time and tabloids will tell.

Perfect Jeans - 5 Tips on How to Find Them {StyleList (Main)}

Apr 26th 2010 6:43AM

Mamta, have you tried Gap's "Curvy" or Old Navy's "Sweetheart" jeans? They seem to fit women who are not stick-thin well. Also, Jean Star makes some nice styles for women who have curves.

I am 57 and am fairly tall and slender, but I still have a tough time finding the right jeans. I tried the Not Your Daughter's Jeans and I felt they looked a bit dowdy; I am used to a snug, hip look in jeans. On the other hand, I am not about to buy low-rise, so I cannot go too young, either. I am going to try J Brand on just to see what the fuss is about. If they look good and I feel great in them, I will splurge. Jeans can last years, so it is worth the investment.

Gabourey Sidibe is Not 'Precious' on 'SNL'... But She's Pretty Funny {PopEater}

Apr 25th 2010 2:56PM

Peter and Renee . . . I think we have a love match.

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