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Off Again, On Again {MyDaily}

Jun 16th 2010 4:33PM

You might start by learning the difference betweem "there" and "their".

Who is BP CEO Tony Hayward? {AOL Hot Searches}

Jun 11th 2010 4:53PM

Who cares how much money he makes? I think our media has too many people talking about too many things they know nothing about. All they have to do is report the facts and then shut up. We do not need or ask for their opinion on anything. If you want to express your opinion you should form a new party and bring it to a vote.

Walmart saves families $700 million a year? Show me the math {WalletPop}

May 22nd 2010 8:29PM

Is that a self portrait they you printed? You have not been to an Iowa Walmart.

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