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'Botox Mom' Investigated by Child Services After 'Good Morning America' Interview {PopEater}

May 14th 2011 10:39AM

Kerry Campbell needs to be thrown in jail, and her little daughter removed from the home PRONTO. I hope the little girl can be adopted by a NORMAL family. An 8 year old is still a BABY, for goodness' sakes- they don't need poison injected into them for imaginary wrinkles! Why did Child Protective Services not get involved earlier? This is clearly a case of child abuse!!!!

Injured Kirstie Alley Refuses to Stop 'Dancing' {PopEater}

Apr 7th 2011 9:15AM

Kirstie looks beautiful, AND she works harder than anyone else. She deserves to win this, because she puts in the work and the time. The other anorexic celebutards who think the world should be handed to them never had to WORK for anything. Wear designer clothes, live on cigarettes, walk the runway. That's it. Kirstie has an actual work ethic, and she's not afraid to put the time and effort into a chance to win.

Peanut Allergy Protest a 'Misunderstanding,' Florida School District Says {ParentDish}

Mar 23rd 2011 2:39PM

My heart goes out to that little girl with the dangerous peanut allergy, and I pray her parents wake up and 1) take her to an allergist for treatment and 2) home school her, for her own protection. Now, that being said, in all fairness, it is HORRIBLE that the school is forcing ALL of the students to accommodate the rigorous, inconvenient lifestyle requirements of ONE student. They could get rid of the peanut-sniffing dog (and the cost involved), the rinsing out of mouths, the ban on outside treats, etc. and have a normal, happily functioning school if just that one little girl would be home schooled, which would be safer for her anyway. Mr. and Mrs. Bailey, the girl's parents, are NOT doing what is best for their daughter, and most certainly -obviously - the Baileys have ZERO consideration for the rest of the school children, principal, and the teachers.

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