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Rebecca Black Pulls 'Friday' Video From YouTube {PopEater}

Jun 17th 2011 9:45AM

Its the sign of the times I mean look at what you people are listening too.Lady gaga, rihanna, jennifer lopez, justin bieber,Shakira and so on you only get what you deserve.There are many great artist out there just go to youtube and check out a guy by the name of Darrell Deese if you dont you will simply miss out

'American Idol' Judges Announced: Jennifer Lopez, Steven Tyler and Randy Jackson {AOL TV}

Sep 22nd 2010 2:23PM

I have watch ai sometimes but just to say last year was very boring hopefully some rockers will enter the show this year.And hopefully they can overcome those silly pop singers....and those silly preteens

Steven Tyler Officially Signed On to 'American Idol?' {AOL TV}

Aug 19th 2010 9:35AM

Steven Tyler why not throw in whoopi goldberg or have dr laura or rush limbaugh it wouldnt make any different to me because the show has turned into a joke anyways it seems to be all about the judges now.If you want make the show better do away with that sing along crap and dancing on thurdays and i think there would be alot more singers trying out or should i say better singers....

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