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UFC 129 Live Blog: Georges St-Pierre vs. Jake Shields Updates {MMA Fighting}

Apr 30th 2011 10:28PM

Go Jake! You've taken apart most everyone they've put in your way, and although GSP would be the LAST person I'd ever want to see if I was working my way to the top, I'd love the challenge. Like Jake said, "I came here to fight the best. Not my sister's big brother's. Best part of these pre-fight meetings they've had? Both men are class acts, who let the flying and snapping body parts do their talking once we were safely in the ring. A pleasure to watch these Master's of their Craft apply it on each other. May the better man NOT tap out....

Fitness Guru Jack LaLanne Dies at 96 {PopEater}

Jan 24th 2011 11:11AM

He enjoyed his life, exercising every day. For anyone to say "it didn't change his life", I think would be wrong because in HIS mind, he felt better after exercising, ALL the time. Rest in Peace Jack. Now. Take a day off. Have a burger!!

Rupert Everett Slams Jennifer Aniston's Career {PopEater}

Jan 2nd 2011 3:33PM

Rupert Everett? Yeah, he's one to sit in judgement of ANYONE. He may be famous for what he's done, but what exactly is he doing now? Other than slamming someone who's biggest career mis-step was her inability to keep her whoring husband Brad Puttz out of Angelina's bed. She's no Meryl Streep, but she also know's her place. AND her limitations.

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