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Taylor Swift Bit Forces Jay Leno to Reluctantly Give Credit Where Credit is Due {PopEater}

Nov 25th 2010 12:26PM

This is a story why? I'm sure other talk shows shows show video of stuff without crediting the person who made it but we don't hear about that. I see video on Talk Shows all the time but never hear them say so and so made this video. But Leno is some sort of villian to all of you bloggers because of Conan. It's so stupid. Leno didn't get Conan fired. Conan got Conan fired. It's about time you all accept that and move on. Conan has a new job now.

Will 'Yogi Bear' Be Justin Timberlake's 'Norbit'? {PopEater}

Oct 4th 2010 6:02PM

I don't think Timberlake really cares if he gets an Oscar nod at this point. If him voicing an animated character derails his chances that actually says more about the Oscar voters then him. If they're not actually voting on his performance for the Social Network, which was terrific, then it just says the Oscars are another award show with little meaning. I saw the movie this past weekend and will go see it again, it was that good. All the actors deserve nods along with the movie, director, screenwriter, and music score.

Justin Timberlake: Pop Star and Oscar Contender? {PopEater}

Sep 15th 2010 4:07PM

I love that the Social Network has so far gotten rave reviews from everyone who has seen an early screening of it. I also love that everyone has also said that Justin Timberlake did a fantastic job in it. I hope the movie and Jesse, Justin, and Andrew all get Oscar nods. That should make the heads blow off of all the haters out there. lol

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