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How You Voted: 'Real Housewives' {AOL Hot Searches}

Sep 8th 2010 7:26PM

How about places like Miami, Palm Springs CA, Hawaii?

Grandmas Who Love Being Gaga's 'Little Monsters' {PopEater}

May 17th 2010 12:42AM

I guess I am an old geezer too. I am 59 years young and I feel like I am about 25. I also love Lady Gaga. She is full of talent. She write her own lyrics, music, and produces her own videos. I love all of her stuff. She is a breath of fresh air in the music industry and I think she will go on for years at the top. I can't be without her music, I love it, and her talent, and creativity.

Lady Gaga Yearbook Photos -- How Cute! {PopEater}

Feb 10th 2010 8:10PM

I too am 58 years old, and I am not put out at all with Lady GaGa. I think she is beautiful and has an excellent voice. She is the most creative singer we have at this moment IMHO. I don't understand people who are dissing her so much, and especially due to the creativity this WOMAN has. She has the look, the vocals, and the brains. Most pop stars don't have all three. I also like all kinds of music from pop,rock,R&B,Jazz,world music, classical, etc. I think she is a well balanced young woman who gets who she is! She is great, better than Madona.

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