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Connecticut Family Ends Up in ER After Eating Poisonous Mushrooms Growing in Backyard {AOL Real Estate}

Oct 17th 2012 8:41PM

As all the readers above remembered...never eat any mushroom growing outside in a field, near a stream, in a forest setting unless you have the "experience" of knowing what is deadly or not. This is a horrible way to suffer unneedlessly, and, to subject your family to this also??
This has been common knowledge as a child learning this in school. I hope they all pull through well w/o any internal damage. I feel so badly for each of them.

'Dance' Judge Mary Murphy Tells of More Arnold Womanizing {PopEater}

Jun 10th 2011 11:20AM

Mary Murphy is a loud mouth and trying to garner a couple minutes of riding the Arnold >GAS< bus. Arnold didn't do anything in Hollywood that other male or female stars did. Yes he cheated on Maria, he hurt her, I'm sure the staff member didn't shy away from his advances. She made out extremely well and went on to have more kids with a husband, well I think she's married...look at her house, she made over 1200.00 a week doing maid work. She was treated very well, many family shots with her in them. She also shares the blames, it took two to tangle. She knew she had a money maker by getting pregnant and staying quiet. This stuff happens ALL THE TIME, whether you're famous or not. Let's get over this and move onto the next Hollywood fiasco...sheesh...anything a paper can say or another woman who was fondled by a famous man...even Brigette Nielsen, another starlet from the past writing a book. It's all fodder..and garbage.

Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries to Sign Prenup {PopEater}

Jun 9th 2011 8:33PM

I think it is wise and just to have a prenup nowadays where in marriages don't last in Hollywood. I do wish her Mom would stay out of her relationships though. Kris's nose is in all the grown up girls from first marriage. Bruce must be a saint to live like that........

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