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  • Justin Bieber To Auction Off His Hair

    Posted Feb 23rd 2011 at 05:10 PM by AOL TV Editors

    On 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show,' Justin Bieber showed off his new 'do and gave Ellen DeGeneres a belated birthday present that most fans would die for: a lock of his hair. Bieber confessed that Ellen was not the only one receiving the gift though. "We're doing something special," Bieber said. "We want you to donate it to whatever charity you want." "It's your hair for sure? Not that doll hair ...

  • Six Celebs Who Could Replace Oprah

    Posted Nov 19th 2009 at 09:30 PM by Mike Hess

    With word that Oprah Winfrey will be taking her ridiculously popular daytime talk show elsewhere (see story here), there's a massive void in the broadcast television world to be filled. Winfrey was always the one to score huge exclusive interviews, landing everyone from Sarah Palin to Tom Cruise to Mackenzie Phillips. So, assuming television execs will want to keep the daytime landscape as sim...

  • Ellen Begs Her Way Onto O Cover

    Posted Nov 6th 2009 at 01:06 PM by PopEater Staff

    Perseverence has paid off for Ellen DeGeneres, as the quirky talk show host shmoozed, begged and charmed her way onto the cover of Oprah Winfrey's O Magazine, marking just the second time that Miss Winfrey has shared a cover with another woman. The first? Just someone you might have heard of -- First Lady Michelle Obama. Winfrey herself recognizes Ellen's dedication, saying that she's "a woman who...

  • Mariah Flaunts Beach Body for New Video

    Posted Nov 5th 2009 at 11:13 AM by PopEater Staff

    As Mariah Carey's career carries on, it seems she's getting more comfortable with her own body and showing more of it. Gone are the days of smothering dresses and button-up shirts, here are the days of head-scratchingly-short skirts and cut-out bathing suits. Mariah, who's now 40, took to the beach to shoot her latest video for 'H.A.T.E.U.,' and we think she looked lovely doing it. What say yo...

  • Ellen DeGeneres, TV's Scare Queen

    Posted Nov 2nd 2009 at 01:59 PM by PopEater Staff

    Ellen DeGeneres takes pride in her ability to scare the dickens out of her guests. Whether she's crouched in the bathroom or hiding under something, the TV host's ability to make her guests jump in fear -- and then laugh in humiliation -- is uncanny, and makes for some quality television. Thanks to her scared-to-the-floor ambush on Taylor Swift last week, we've compiled Ellen's finest fear-ind...

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