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  • Wyclef Jean Shot, Hospitalized in Haiti

    Posted Mar 20th 2011 at 09:41 AM by Christine Fenno

    The night before presidential elections in Haiti, Fugees co-founder Wyclef Jean, 41, was treated and released from a hospital for a gunshot wound to the hand, according to his spokesperson. Jean was running for president last year, amid controversy, until Haiti's board of elections disqualified him. Jean's brother, Samuel, confirmed the shooting. Joe Mignon, an officer with Jean's Yele Foundati...

  • Charlie Sheen: I'm Going to Haiti With Sean Penn

    Posted Mar 5th 2011 at 08:00 AM by Christine Fenno

    What a week it's been for Charlie Sheen. Nevermind his media rants, boasts of tiger blood, new Twitter account, drug tests, flaunting of "goddesses" and latest custody crisis. Now, Sheen has announced a whole new agenda: helping others. Sheen, 45, told Access Hollywood on Friday that he's making plans to travel to Haiti with Sean Penn, one of Hollywood's most active providers of assistance ever...

  • Wyclef Jean Hospitalized With Fatigue

    Posted Sep 27th 2010 at 01:15 PM by PopEater Staff

    After failing in his bid to run for president of Haiti, Wyclef Jean was hospitalized last night in New Jersey due to fatigue, according to the music legend's Twitter account. A source close to Jean revealed to Billboard that the singer-producer has been dealing with headaches for weeks. "He has been following a very heavy schedule that has taken him to Europe twice, Asia and Africa, at the s...

  • Wyclef Jean Drops Politics, Returns to Music

    Posted Sep 21st 2010 at 06:30 PM by PopEater Staff

    So much for Wyclef Jean's political dreams. The Associated Press reports the songwriter is giving up on Haitian politics to pursue a new album after getting nudged off the ballot by the Caribbean provisional electoral council last month. The council didn't give a reason why Jean didn't make the final cut on the ballot, but some guess it had to do with Haiti's constitutional requirement that ...

  • Wyclef Jean Slams Sean Penn as Cocaine-User

    Posted Sep 7th 2010 at 08:17 AM by PopEater Staff

    Wyclef Jean responded to Sean Penn's public doubts of his Haitian presidential campaign at a concert over the weekend, alleging Penn was "too busy sniffing cocaine" to notice Jean's presence in Haiti after an earthquake devastated the nation in January. The colossal jab came at a Hot 97 concert this weekend, where Wyclef changed the lyrics to his 2004 hit 'President,' singing: "I got a message ...

  • Wyclef Jean: 'Haiti Has Disqualified Me' for Presidency

    Posted Aug 21st 2010 at 04:28 PM by PopEater Staff

    The board of elections in Haiti has officially put an end to hip-hop star and activist Wyclef Jean's attempt to launch a presidential campaign in his homeland. Although the singer was born in Haiti and has been actively involved in disaster relief since the nation was devastated by an earthquake in January, authorities ruled that he does not qualify to be on the ballot. No reason was given, but so...

  • Wyclef Jean Receives Death Threats While Waiting on Haitian Presidency Ruling

    Posted Aug 18th 2010 at 10:41 AM by PopEater / Wire Services

    Haiti's electoral commission said late Tuesday that it was postponing its ruling on who will be allowed to run for president in November elections, leaving hip-hop artist Wyclef Jean's candidacy in limbo. A statement from the commission, known as the CEP, said it would postpone the announcement until Friday. The delay was the latest turn in the fledgling presidential race in this earthquake-...

  • What Does Wyclef Jean's Music Say About His Presidential Politics?

    Posted Aug 14th 2010 at 10:06 AM by The Editors of Vulture

    As Wyclef Jean's campaign for the Haitian presidency continues, his track record as a public advocate for his native country will be carefully scrutinized: Were the accounting and tax issues reported for his Yelé charity truly honest mistakes, as Jean claimed, or something more nefarious? Has his celebrity-philanthropist status been a boon or a hindrance to others working for Haiti? Does he...

  • Sean Penn 'Very Suspicious' of Wyclef Jean's Haitian Presidential Bid

    Posted Aug 6th 2010 at 07:20 AM by PopEater Staff

    Rapper and former Fugees singer Wyclef Jean made the first televised announcement of his bid for the Haitian presidency last night on CNN. After several satellite interview segments between Wyclef and Wolf Blitzer, philanthropist and actor Sean Penn shared harsh words for the Haitian-born rapper, questioning his motives and value as a leader. "This is somebody who's going to receive an enormou...

  • Wyclef Jean to Run for President of Haiti

    Posted Aug 3rd 2010 at 09:20 PM by PopEater Staff

    Musician Wyclef Jean is set to announce his candidacy for president of Haiti this Thursday on CNN's 'Larry King Live,' a source close to the singer told CNN Tuesday. And the former head of Haiti's Chamber of Deputies confirmed the move, telling the Associated Press that Jean will soon announce his run for president. But past the rumors, the most telling piece of info comes from Wyclef himself, ...

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