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  • Stephen King to Publish Time Travel Novel About JFK Assassination

    Posted Mar 3rd 2011 at 01:33 PM by Zach Dionne

    Stephen King's new novel will center around a time traveling English teacher hoping to prevent the John F. Kennedy assassination. The book, set to drop Nov. 8, takes its title -- '11/22/63' -- from the day JFK was shot. "The novel is big, ambitious and haunting," says editor Chuck Verrill in an article at The Telegraph. "King has probably absorbed the social, political and popular culture of...

  • Katie Holmes' New 'Kennedys' Miniseries: Canceled!

    Posted Jan 8th 2011 at 09:37 AM by Christine Fenno

    After millions spent on the highly anticipated 'The Kennedys,' starring Katie Holmes as Jacqueline Kennedy and Greg Kinnear as JFK, A&E Television Networks released surprising news Friday night: The History Channel has suddenly decided not to air its epic Emmy bait. "Upon completion of the production of 'The Kennedys,' History has decided not to air the 8-part miniseries," a network rep tol...

  • JFK Photo, Jon Gosselin's Break-In and a Bridge Demolition

    Posted Dec 28th 2009 at 11:25 AM by Sam Brand

    You heard the rumors of John F. Kennedy's extramarital recreations. TMZ claims to have more damning proof that the 35th President was a womanizer than anything that's surfaced before. In other news, Hailey Glassman says she's got nothing to do with the break-in that occurred at Jon Gosselin's New York apartment over the weekend. And speaking of burning bridges, we've got... well, an exploding brid...

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