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  • On Oprah, Jay Leno Denies Taking Conan's Dream Job

    Posted Jan 28th 2010 at 03:55 PM by PopEater Staff

    With all eyes on Jay Leno, he sat down with Oprah Winfrey for his first interview since the blow-up over NBC's late-night lineup. While he admits having some regrets, Leno's deepest scars seem to stretch back to 2004 when NBC first announced Conan O'Brien would be taking over the show in 2009. "It broke my heart. It really did. I was devastated," Leno said. "This was the job that I had always want...

  • Jay Leno Has 'No Animosity' Towards Conan O'Brien

    Posted Jan 18th 2010 at 11:15 PM by Mike Hess

    Jay Leno has joked here and there about the drama with NBC and Conan O'Brien, but on Monday night, Leno used his show to directly address the situation and his seemingly tense relationship with O'Brien. "But through all of this - through all of this, Conan O'Brien has been a gentleman. He's a good guy. I have no animosity towards him. This is all business," Leno told his audience. Watch: ...

  • Jay Leno Rips NBC in Monologue

    Posted Jan 8th 2010 at 07:49 AM by Mike Hess

    Jay Leno used his talk-show pulpit to skewer NBC on the day that various media reports emerged that his days in the 10 p.m. time slot may be done. Going straight for the throat, Leno taunted his network by saying "I hear Fox is beautiful this time of year" and joking that the trust between him and the Peacock network is gone. Watch the Video Below: ...

  • Jay Leno Going Back to 11:30?

    Posted Jan 7th 2010 at 04:50 PM by PopEater Staff

    Jay Leno will be back in his 11:30 p.m. 'Tonight Show' time slot very soon after his rocky venture into 10 p.m. territory, TMZ is reporting. Well that was quick ... and would make a lot of sense given our exclusive report from Rob Shuter a few weeks ago claiming NBC was looking to bounce Conan for Jerry Seinfeld. The switch hasn't been verified or denied by NBC at this time. ...

  • Most Infamous Celebrity Interviews

    Posted Nov 6th 2009 at 12:00 PM by Scott Harris

    When Rihanna sits down tonight with Diane Sawyer on '20/20', it's sure to be one of the biggest interviews of the year. But will it go down as one of the biggest interviews of all time? Over the years, the celebrity interview has become one of the staples of the entertainment industry. Make a huge mistake? Go on the 'Tonight Show' and humbly plead forgiveness. In need of a reputation makeover?...

  • Pee-Wee Herman Channels Jonas Bros., Talks About Paul Reubens

    Posted Sep 23rd 2009 at 08:05 AM by PopEater Staff

    Pee-Wee Herman returned to the small screen on Tuesday's 'Jay Leno Show' to show off his "abstinence ring" and talk briefly about his upcoming stage show. "It's not easy" to stay pure, the real life Paul Reubens told Leno about the ring, a nod to the actor's 1991 arrest at an XXX theater. Pee-Wee said he was excited to go "back to his roots" for the stage show, adding that familiar characters l...

  • How'd Leno Fare in His First Week?

    Posted Sep 21st 2009 at 10:51 AM by Tricia Romano

    After much anticipation and speculation, Jay Leno's new show -- aptly titled 'The Jay Leno Show' -- debuted last week, and it turns out, it's almost exactly like his last show, 'The Tonight Show.' Except for the fact that it's not so hot according to lots of critics, and the end-of-week ratings were less than half of the show's premiere. Allow PopEater take a look back at how Jay did as he ventur...

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